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I am honored to own a bright yellow "Kelsey Vase". I chose yellow to represent the sun shining, because Kelsey's smile reminded me of a bright, warm, refreshing day! The workmanship is amazing! The artist is very talented. The pictures truly do not do the vase justice. You won't be disappointed. This is such a treasure. Thank you, Clint!


The NEST Moroccan Amber reed diffuser has an amazing scent that reminds me of stays at luxury hotels or spas. It is a rich scent that my husband doesn't object to having throughout the house!


The vase is absolutely beautiful. I am overjoyed with how it turned out!

M.J. Rock

My birdies are so beautiful and make me so happy. They just brighten my day and every time I look at them I smile. They are in my African violets in my window and when I sit in my recliner I face my window. Thank you so much for the joy they give me.

Sue A Nelson