“Kelsey Vase”

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This glass vase acquired it’s unique name because Kelsey first requested this piece back in 2013. Up until Oct 2019, Kelsey’s was the only vase I’d ever made. In October 2019, a family member commissioned one for his wife, and only one name seemed fitting.....the “Kelsey Vase” was born. 

Choose from a vase on hand or purchase the option to custom create your own. This vase is created with 2 layers of glass. Traditionally a colored piece is selected for the inside (opaque or transparent) with the outter layer being clear slightly iridescent glass, allowing the color from the inside piece to still show through. However, this is your piece, let's create your own masterpiece!

  • custom made to order
  • each piece is handcrafted
  • measures approx 7.5”H x 5”W (give or take an inch)
  • made of glass
  • upon ordering, you will be contacted to choose your colors
  • estimated 1-2 weeks required for custom pieces. Glass requiring special ordering will require additional time. 

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