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These handmade "Teacher Appreciation Pocket Charms" are a great way to express your gratitude and appreciation for your child's teacher. Each charm is made with a copper image fused between 2 layers of glass. Under the high temperatures needed to melt the glass, the copper turns the dark red color you see pictured above.

Each pocket charm is unique and slightly different from the next. Each pocket charm comes adhered to a laminated card and wrapped in a clear resealable bag. The charm can easily be removed to carry in your pocket or leave it attached to the card if preferred.

Choose from the Heart, Flower, or Star - each comes with a different card.

Each charm measures approx 1 inch square, and card measures 4in x 5in.

This item is handmade in Tacoma, WA

Choking Hazard - not intended as toy for small children

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